Third Acts?

It’s a fact that people are living longer.  Many of the 54.1 million American age 65 and older don’t just want to settle into retirement. They want to seize new opportunities whether it be an entrepreneurial venture, getting involve in community service or philanthropic deeds, learning new skills or trades or taking educational courses, pursuing leisure activities, or remaining involved in the job market or finding a new occupation.  These older individuals aren’t settling to do nothing, but are choosing to be actively involved in something.  They often want to leave a legacy of doing something of value, taking advantage of their  long-honed skills and experience to gain meaningful experiences.

What is a Third Act?  

First Acts usually revolves around the time when people are persuing their educational goals and establishing  initial career steps.  Second Acts are defined by individuals maturing to focus on and grow their careers often moving from entry level to mid-level or higher positions.  Third Acts are about older individuals who want to do something of consequence, purposeful, and enjoyable.

Third Act Considerations?

Do you have a plan for retirement?

Do you regret that you retired and are yearning to do something meaningful?

Do you know you want to do something, but are unsure what it is?

Am I ready to retire?

How will I spend my free time when I’m no longer working full time?

Will it be difficult to realize who I am without a job title and/or career?

Are my plans realistic for my individual situation?

Do I need to do some career exploration to determine what it is I want to do?

Will my significant other or partner be supportive of my decisions?

Do you need some guidance in figuring out what you want to do in this next stage of life?  Help in defining what your next steps are?  Assistance in determing what’s the best retirement activities for you?  I have a long history in helping individuals with their career transitions.  I can help you explore, develop, and process realistic career options and keep you organized, focused, and targeted in reaching your goals.

Suzy Drapkin, Principal / Career Counselor
[email protected]

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