About Career Achievers

Career Achievers was started by Suzy Drapkin in January 2007 to help people contemplating a career change or a mid-life career transition. We provide thoughtful and conscientious career planning so that you can experience the positive impact this can have on the quality of your life. Career Achievers is the culmination of over twenty-five years experience in the vocational assessment and career counseling arena

Using a broad spectrum of assessment tools, counseling and/or coaching services, Career Achievers provides you with personalized individual or group career assistance. We fashion our career development and planning strategies mindful of the fact that every individual has their own learning method, needs and style that is uniquely their own.

Our MISSION is to support and encourage individuals to make the best decisions…the best informed decisions because we know that these decisions impact every nuance of your life. We provide the right resources for navigating your career pathway so you can “create your career and achieve your life”

We’ll help you:

  • provide a variety of methods to help you to explore, choose, plan and develop your career path
  • match your interests, values and abilities to find the right career
  • provide the strategies and skills to help you gain the information you need to decide on the job, training or career path that’s right for you
  • discover yourself, especially as it applies to making informed career decisions
  • understand the current job market and trends as they apply to your career goal
  • map out a systematic career plan including realistic objectives to achieve your career goal
  • be accountable to following through on your action plan

We also work with businesses providing employee career management strategies and coaching as well as employee retention/enhancement assistance.

Services Offered

  • Career Assessments
    • Interests
    • Values
    • Abilities
    • Skills
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Personality Inventory (MBTI® Master Practitioner)
  • Career Counseling (Certified Job-Loss Recovery Program Facilitator)
  • Job Search/Career Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Professional Management Coaching
  • Resume Services
  • Workshop Facilitation

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